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ZWSOFT Global Network: Grow and Win with Partners

In order to deliver better product values and considerate services to local users, ZWSOFT has established a global network connecting over 240 partners from about 90 countries. The long-term relationship and strong bond with them have been contributing to quality engineering software and services for ZWSOFT users worldwide.

In the past two years, more than 30 partners have cooperated with ZWSOFT for more than 10 years, like ZWCAD KOREA from Korea (9 years), TotalCAD from Brazil and SANZA from Poland (15 years), CAD Servis from Czech (13 year), HOPE Technologies from India and ZWFrance from France (11 years), MP Scia Ingenieria from Spain (10 years)… What are the secrets behind such long-term partnership? What do they think of ZWSOFT? What have they achieved with what kinds of support from ZWSOFT? Let’s listen to their voices.

zwsoft global network
Figure 1. Partners who have cooperated with ZWSOFT for over 15 years were being awarded

How to grow and win together?

In today’s highly interconnected business world, it’s vital to grow and win together. ZWSOFT is always ready to support its partners from the perspectives of business, product development, technical service and marketing.

Achieve great results together

“The collaboration with our Channel Manager has always been extremely helpful and proactive, helping us greatly improve our sales results when in competition with other products.”


“They always care about what the resellers can get.”

— TotalCAD

ZWSOFT understands the very different nature of Indian market. They have also helped us reach cooperation with local associations such as IIA, ASEA, LENSFED, ACE, etc.”

 HOPE Technologies

“We think they know our Czech and Slovak markets and can support us really very well to achieve great results.”

 CAD Servis

Constant product development and professional technical support

“ZWSOST has always been listening to us, to our feedback and suggestions about the improvements of their products. They always provide great tech and API support to third-party developers, which is critical for us to extend cooperation and enlarge our market share.”


zwsoft global network
Figure 2. Partners were discussing product wish list with ZWSOFT Product Manager Daniel

“We enjoy great support from ZWSOFT from the very beginning. We’re glad to see the constant product development. They also provide extraordinary support for applications such as Pre DCR by inviting their employees to ZWSOFT headquarters and helping them port it to ZWCAD.”

 HOPE Technologies

“It’s very important that ZWSOFT keeps providing our users with the solutions they need. When there are requirements of high priority, they do their best to figure out new solutions, which helps deliver the best software the users need.”


We have got really good support for both ZWCAD and ZW3D. We are in daily communication with the technical guys.”

 CAD Servis

Marketing support for higher brand awareness in local markets

“ZWSOFT helps us with our marketing strategies, and supports annual events like tradeshows, Black Friday, etc. It is always sharing its international experience with us and sharing successful experience in other countries.”


“We get marketing help in terms of vital training, and financial and technical support in various marketing activities like exhibitions, seminars, and small workshops. Marketing materials we made together like printed T-shirts, pens, etc. are also impressive.”

 HOPE Technologies

zwsoft global network
Figure 3. ZWSOFT team and partners at local exhibition

“ZWSOFT team always support all our activities. They are in daily touch with us, and we can always rely on their prompt help and support.”


Why partners have faith in ZWSOFT?

Trust plays a big role in sustainable and successful cooperation. Why do partners trust ZWSOFT? How is ZWSOFT in their eyes?

“We always consider ZWSOFT as a great engineering company because it has been able to create software and solutions which are now known in the world. ZWSOFT is also able to create a wide network of partners, resellers and distributors to ensure the presence of their products everywhere.”


“Well, Mr. Truman (CEO of ZWSOFT) is a man with long-term vision and a lot of knowledge of the CAD/CAM market. In the world of entrepreneurship, following the right information is the main factor of success. We realized that over the years ZWSOFT has been able to decipher the next steps in the market and get the decisions that are being made right. We trust Mr. Truman’s experience.”


zwsoft global network
Figure 4. ZWSOFT CEO Truman was presenting the future blueprint of All-in-one CAx

“ZWSOFT is a professional company to partner with. We could regain our confidence with ZWSOFT at a stage where there were many difficulties. We found the cooperation with ZWSOFT is promising.”

 HOPE Technologies

“ZWSOFT is professional engineering software company. We appreciate it because ZWSOFT products fit different user needs. The products are being rapidly developed. Their solutions cover the know-how from many areas.”


“The strongest point of ZWSOFT is that it is continuously developing its products, with a good R&D team, capable of releasing every year a new version of every product and creating new products to reach new potential markets and to cover user needs in specific industries.”

 MP Scia Ingenieria

“Those products such as CAD Pockets and CADbro solve specific needs for CAD users in the mobile era. ZWSIM is the new bet to explore new possibilities by means of integrating simulation in the design workflow. The “all-in-one” solution is including more new things every day.”

 CAD Servis

Both partner and friend

In addition to all kinds of support and faith, ZWSOFT and its partners believe that friendship has a strong power to make partnership long-lasting. We’ve gone through many ups and downs together, and cherish a lot our friendship.

“We are already friends with ZWSOFT for more than 10 years, and look forward to many years to come! We have a lot of memories in mind, especially the warm welcome we receive each time we came to Guangzhou for ZWorld. The whole team is always very lovely.”

— ZWFrance

zwsoft global network
Figure 5. The ZWFrance team and ZWSOFT Regional Manager Rose

At the most difficult moments, we could see the value of the partnership. We have gone through at least two economic crises in Brazil and always been supported by ZWSOFT. It is very important for us to have a partner who is with us in the most difficult periods.”


“In daily work I can feel that we are friends, not only business partners, which makes our collaboration natural and sincere. I do remember our first trade-show together – the ZWSOFT team came to Poland to support our BUDMA exhibition. It was -20°C hard winter and they were very brave and didn’t complain. The first trade show was very successful.”


“We have full confidence that our partnership will continue for many more years, so it will only be our first “10 years”. Our next milestone is the 25-Year Partner Award.”

 MP Scia Ingenieria

“We would like to cooperate with ZWSOFT for long time, because we feel as a part of ZWSOFT.”

 CAD Servis

Better serve worldwide users

Thanks to this close cooperation between ZWSOFT and its partners, users from over 90 countries keep receiving quality products and service.

In Brazil, over 90% of customers are satisfied with ZWCAD according to the customer satisfaction survey conducted by TotalCAD. Connecting closely with HOPE Technologies, hundreds and thousands of Indian users are very satisfied with the ZWSOFT package and support. Polish customers are satisfied with ZWSOFT products. Those who aren’t familiar with ZWSOFT products discover that they’ve just found what they were looking for and those who have already been familiar with ZWSOFT products appreciate the high quality.

In Spain, when users try the software they realize that it can fulfill all their needs regarding a CAD product, without losing their previous work because it is fully compatible with their existing files. Most of MP Scia Ingenieria’s customers in Spain prefer a permanent license instead of a subscription model, so the flexibility of the ZWSOFT licensing policy is also very appreciated by them. What’s more, there are always new features added to ZWSOFT products, so users know that the software is being continuously improved.

zwsoft global network
Figure 6. ZWSOFT and its global partners

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Become part of us!

“When we started our collaboration with ZWSOFT 11 years ago we never thought that it could go this far and this much interesting. Today, our company gain real profits thanks to ZWSOFT’s products and partnership. The fact that we also get involved in technical processes like translation, feedback, improvements, etc., gives us a real sense of responsibilities.”


“Engineering software is a potential market for sustainable business growth. It’s worth attention.”


Working with ZWSOFT is a profitable business. We believe, invest and grow as a company. ZWCAD is a great product and ZWSOFT is a great business partner.”


One can rely upon ZWSOFT, and invest time, energy and money with best ROI. We are confident that, with timely and effective support from ZWSOFT, we can serve Indian market well.”

–HOPE Technologies

“ZWSOFT is a big player in CAD/CAM/CAE products in the world. Good cooperation, good support, good business.”

 CAD Servis

As ZWSOFT CEO Truman said, “We’d like to win with our partners by advancing our products and providing different solutions constantly. We keep giving them new things, and new possibilities to gain profits and grow together.” We’d like to connect with more partners and friends around the world, to do things big together. Join us!

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